1492 replica of Columbus ship Nina
visits the River Bend

This replica of the historic ship Nina, visited the River Bend Communities
in August/September of 1998.
Below are some photos and information about the visit.

Columbus originally sailed with a crew of  27.
This replica, under Captain Morgan Sanger,
sails with a crew of 6.

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This version of the ship includes a gas stove and an ice box, with sleeping quarters below decks. The vessel is powered by a diesel engine for manuvering in inland waterways. Sail power alone is not enough to dodge the heavy river traffic.

 Visitors await their turn to board the all wood vessel.

The ship was built in Brazil, using construction techniques similiar to those used to build the original Nina.

This is a full scale replica, measuring 93.6 feet in length
and 17.3 feet at her beam.

The Nina's rigging echos the cables of the Clark Bridge in the background.

The Nina is operated by the Columbus Foundation for educational purposes and visits river communities in South America, Mexico and the United States.

The ships next port of call will be Owensboro, Ky.

Photos taken Sunday - August 30, 1998
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